Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Get on board with the Magazine Challenge!

Do you have a subscription to Beadwork? Bead and Button? Are you actually doing any of the beautiful projects they work so hard to provide for us in each issue? No? Guess what! Neither are most of the rest of us! Our latest challenge, the Magazine Challenge aims to stop that!

The challenge is to take a look at your magazines for the next year, pick a project, and DO IT! And/Or, if you have any old issues laying around with projects that are still on your "to do" list, put them at the top of the pile. We pay for these magazines, don't we? Then why aren't we using them? Good question.

For those who would like to participate but don't subscribe, there's a way for you to participate! Simply go to Bead and Button's or Beadwork's/Beading Daily's project sites and pick a free one! We're giving lists of "example" projects from those sites in case you don't want to search.

The challenge runs through January 2012 (because the magazines are produced every other month and the last issue for this challenge will be December 2011/January 2012).

If you're not a Beaddreamz member, join us and have some fun with your magazines. If you are a member, pull out your magazines and join us!

Some entries have already been submitted. Here is a slideshow created by Aryd'ell to show you what members have already done:


Gypsy said...

Thank you Penny!! Great job- you make my little contribution look like a ten yr old wrote it! Kudos!

Toyin O. said...

Thanks for sharing.