Monday, August 18, 2008

And the Surprise Challenge Is....

September 1, 2008 through August 31, 2009
12 designs of any type of jewelry or bead embroidery.
Beads must be an integral part of the design. This allows

for almost anything like beaded boxes, brooches, small
wall hangings, etc. It doesn't have to be your own design.
It may be made from a pattern, a magazine, or from
someone else's idea. You don’t have to do the same
type of creation for the different months.

Designs must reflect the month it is created for.

For example, October may be orange and black earrings
for those in the states and December may be
something red and green or icy blue. It doesn't have to

be a holiday design, but can be. It may represent a
birthday, anniversary, or special event in one's life.
Be Creative.

Sign up in the database.

(Become a member of Beaddreamz, if not already)

Please make the commitment to make 12 designs.

Remember there will be other challenges during this
year also. If joining late, the number of creations
would equal the amount of months left. If you cannot
make the commitment for 12, you still may sign up for
the challenge. Vote on the three best for each
month - not necessarily the best piece, but the one
that signifies the best design for the month it was created for.
All designs will be shown on this Blog.
Vote for the best three of the year, not necessarily
from the three best of the month.

Jeanne will answer any questions and will coordinate the bead-a-long.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Interesting Idea?

Just a note to let you know a surprise bead-a-long is coming in a few days. Keep your eyes posted for the note. It will be announced on the group. Who will be the first to guess what it will be?