Friday, July 31, 2009

July Calendar Challenge!

Another month has gone by and we have a new crop of beautiful pieces to delight your senses! Group members, stay tuned for this month's poll to choose the favorites. Thanks to everyone who participated!

Check out the eye candy here:

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Group History - Our first swap in 2007 - Beaded Fish

While archiving some of our old photos I came across these cute little fish which were part of a swap during our first year and thought our members might like to take a peek. Some of the fish are swimming backwards - sorry about that but that's the way the slideshow goes!!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Check out the entries in the June Calendar and Art Deco challenges!

June was quite a busy month for the Beaddreamz group! Two challenges came to a close on June 30.

Our ongoing calendar challenge saw eight entries for June. A wide variety of techniques were shown, including triangle weave, freeform, and peyote. There were also two very striking entries that demonstrated bead embroidery. Once again, group members will have a difficult time choosing the favorite for June. The poll, which can be found here, will close on July 10. Members, be sure and vote! Here's a look at the June Calendar Challenge entries:

There were also eight entries in the Art Deco challenge. Members did a great job creating very diverse pieces showcasing the Art Deco era. Wikipedia defines Art Deco as "a popular international art design movement from 1925 until the 1940s, affecting the decorative arts such as architecture, interior design, and industrial design, as well as the visual arts such as fashion, painting, the graphic arts, and film. At the time, this style was seen as elegant, glamorous, functional, and modern." Their very informative Art Deco page can be found here.

Group members, don't forget to vote for the Art Deco favorite in the poll, which also closes on July 10. You can take a look at the gorgeous entries here:

Thanks to everyone who participated!