Thursday, June 12, 2008

Hello to Visitors and Members!!!

BAD (Beaded Art Dolls yahoo group) and BDZ (Bead Dreamz yahoo group) have a lot to offer in the way of challenges and swaps and if you are interested in participating, please make sure you are a member so that you can join in. Links to our groups are on the right hand side of this blog.

BAD July/August/September Bead-along - I am aware that members are busy with their Symbolic Class Doll and Four Seasons Round Robin preparations but I would like to remind you that in July we intend to start a new bead-along, inspired by Robin Atkins. Robin has generously offered to introduce a special project to BAD and will give a helping hand and share her ideas with us along the way. I am hoping that members who are doing the Symbolic class will be eager to participate and put their new knowledge into practice.

BAD Puzzle Piece Doll Bead-along has ended and produced wonderful results. I am so proud of everyone and their work. I hope YOU have voted.

BAD Sampler Doll Bead-along is still in progress, finishing at the end of this month. Jeanne certainly placed a real challenge before us when she specified a beaded face. Well, we seem to be managing it with a varying degree of skill and having a giggle at the same time.

BDZ Magic Carpet challenge is almost finished. Moderators made a decision a little while ago that any challenge with less than 10 entries would not have a poll for voting on our favorite. It seems a shame when there are so many beautiful carpets. If any member would like to comment on this, please feel free.

BDZ Spring Panel Swap/Challenge finishes at the end of June and we probably won't see photos until after the swap. These darling little panels are something to look forward to.

BDZ starts a new challenge/instructions/bead-along on July 1 which is a freeform bracelet and ring with Aryd'ell and Sharon Harry. Don't forget to sign up.

BDZ also has a special challenge/swap running September 21 to mid November hosted by Debra Pyeatt. If you want to learn from an exceptional beader, you must sign in for this one.

Always remember that if you have any ideas, suggestions or comments regarding our groups, we love to hear from you. We need your input to make these groups interesting and fun.

On behalf of owners and moderators of both groups, a big THANK YOU to everyone for your continued support.


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